Googlebot Last Crawl Date Not Showing In Google Webmaster Tools

Surprisingly, today when I logged into my Google Webmaster Tools I found a change in the Home page crawl information in the webmaster overview for my blogs. Previously the home page crawl field used to display the last crawl date stating that "Googlebot last successfully crawled the home page of your site on Sep 18 2008". Now the last crawl date is not showing up,that turned into just an successful access of your home by Google bot and no information about the date and time, to be accurate "Googlebot has successfully accessed your home page" is the information i have in the Home Page Crawl field.check the below images before and after the changes in webmaster tools.

Justify FullI was in a state of panic and started searching google about the issue and checked the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog for any information regarding the removal of the last crawl date from the google webmaster tools, Google Search results strengthened my query and took me here. Relaxed! That I was not only the one who is facing the issue.

I was very curious as you to know the reason for the disappearance(disappeared last crawl date) or removal of the Google bot last accessed date which was quite a good information about the Google bot visit to the site/blog, luckily a post on the Google Groups answered all.

According to JohnMu at google groups ,

"the date was frequently incorrect and not really that useful. It's generally more useful to look at it on a page-by-page basis, which you can do best either in the Google Cache or by checking your server's logs. Usually there's not much need to check the exact date a page was crawled - it's more important to see that we're continually crawling and indexing the site in general".

In addition, when i was checking the Subscribers Stats section I found a ADD button below the sitemap, which allowed to add another site map and resulted +1 to the original sitemap lists.

Feed URL Google Subscribers Sitemap

Add Button

Hopefully, Google Webmaster Central Blog will make a post on this? If you guys have any other information discuss using the comments section.

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