HP Digital Picture and Photo Frames To Show Off Your Memories In Style

HP digital picture and photo frames provide a fast, easy way to enjoy digital photos and slide shows without a computer. Featuring high-resolution LCD screens, the frames come in 7-inch*, 8-inch* and 10*-inch (coming soon) versions. And with two frame color options, they make perfect additions to any home or office decor. With the HP Digital picture frames you can enjoy,view and share your photos pictures, in style.HP offers a broad range of digital photo frame to enhance storage capabilities for business and home PCs

Have you got bored gifting those crafted photo frames for your friends on wedding occasions and still watching your kids photographs in those old frames? then you certainly need to get a digital picture frame.Check the Below Image for a digital experience.

HP df820 Digital Picture Frame

HP digital picture frames display standard digital photo files (JPEGs) and also movie files in .avi and .mov formats. Your photos and movie files can be adjusted inside the frame so they are displayed with the correct horizontal or vertical orientation. In addition,HP digital photo frames and come with built-in stereo speakers and play MP3 files, so you can pick songs that go with your pictures and easily create musical slide shows.

When it comes to the price its reasonable varying from approximately 99$ to $350 depending on the design and specifications, if you would like to gift or if you like to have then you need to go to HP Shopping

HP 8" Digital Picture Frame

Approx Price: $149.99

HP 7" Digital Picture Frame

Approx Price: $99.99
(Prices may vary)


  1. Need the drivers for the df802c1 model

  2. the frame memory is getting maxed out around 170-175 MB, despite the fact that the frame has a 512 MB internal storage. After a few rounds of deleting and uploading, it appears as if the maximum amount of photos I can store on my frame is about 172 MB worth, which equates to about 287 photos. For some reason, whenever I try to add new photos beyond this limit, I get the error messages. I still intend to contact HP, because it really bothers me that I cannot get 512 MB worth of photos on this. I would be interested in knowing how many MB and # of photos you have been able to store on your frame.

  3. try formatting with fat32 file system, hopefully you can use the entire space and upload maximum memories

  4. Your links for drivers are not good. Photo frame drivers are not available at that HP website.

  5. Yes its true that the driver are moved by HP, previously they used to at the above location, sorry for the above links.

  6. These are pretty good digital picture frames. They look like a real frames, fantastic.

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  8. On my df 730p1 digital photo frame, why do my photos not display in the same sequence in which they are on my chip? I do not have the "shuffle" feature on.