Change Bios Splash Screen With Intel Integrator Assistant

For those who is looking to change the Intel bios splash screen, there is a good tool to customize the bios settings with a desktop user interface application from Intel called (INTEL INTEGRATOR ASSISTANT).

If you would like to experiment(not recommended for normal users) with Intel Integrator Toolkit, then you need to follow below links to download the Integrator Assistant make sure your check the compatibility of the software with your intel board before you download.

The Intel® Integrator Assistant software application is a Microsoft* Windows* based system configuration tool, that is designed for professional system integrators who need to customize Intel Desktop or Mobile Boards using an Intel processor and chipset. The Intel Integrator Assistant easily customizes a subset of BIOS settings (for booting, device management, power, and security). It also aids in setting asset management values, updating system BIOS, adding a custom logo for branding, and providing a unique BIOS splash screen image. Customization work is done using a workspace and configuration file that can be transported to other similar target computers.

Intel Integrator Assistant English:
Ver: Date:4/13/2009 Size:9069 (KB)
OS:Windows Vista* 32, Windows* XP Home Edition, Windows* XP Media Center Edition, Windows* XP Professional

Intel Integrator Assistant helped my to experiment with different bios splash screen for my old intel DG35EC board where i am still exploring each settings of the bios.



  1. I have this tool. It works like a charm.

  2. new link... maybe