HP Solution Center Patch For Windows 7 To Fix Product Scan And Status Issues

HP Released a patch which resolves HP Solution Center Scan and Product Status Issues After Upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7.HP Solution Center version 13 or higher includes updates that resolve the below issues . Click here to check ,If version 13 or higher is available for your product, download and install the new software if available.
  • You cannot scan from HP Solution Center using HP Twain Scan.
  • When you try to scan from the front panel of the product, No Scan Options displays on the control panel.
  • When you open the Product Toolbox in HP Solution Center, the following error displays in the window.
    The computer is unable to establish two-way communication with the device.
  • When you click the Estimated Ink Levels tab in the Product Toolbox , the following message displays in the window.
    The computer is unable to establish two-way communication with the device.
  • You installed the product, but the status is disconnected in HP Solution Center. The following message displays in the window.
    (Name of the product) Disconnected!
What if version Solution center version 13 is not available for your product, Hp do have a Answer for your question.

If you are already running HP Solution Center version 12 or older and a new solution center version 13 is not available for the product, follow these steps to install a software patch. This patch fixes functionality issues that exist after upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7. Click Here To Download dot4patch_reboot.exe patch which will fix known problems with the following features and functionality:

  • HP Print Status
  • Toolbox
  • Ink Levels
  • Solution Center
  • HP Scan (All-in-One)
  • Front panel scan button (All-in-One)
  • Click Here To Download the Patches Directly From HP and detailed instruction about the installing the patch.

    Hope this helps in resolving most of the HP solution center problems with your product, do you the comments section for more help and support on this issue

    If you encounter No HP devices detected. HP Solutions Center Will Close Now error, you can check the solution posted here to resolve the issue.



    1. rotton blooded hp driver

    2. i don't have an icon on my desktop for the hp solution center. i recently updated computers to windows 7 from xp. how do i get it back?

    3. There are a lot of computer support provider companies right now that you can search in the internet. For your branded computer, you need to make sure you have the right technicians to handle your concern. They must be tested and trusted by many people to ensure that your computer is with good hands.

    4. Cant you just install the printer driver without installing the HP Solution center?