Fix For Missing Scanned Files With HP Solution Center

Would like to give a quick update on missing scanned files Issue when scanning through HP solution Center 13.0 or later versions. When you finish the scan through HP Solution Center 13 , the scanned file is not available in the destination folder, HP solution center, does not save the file in the destination folder, most commonly "My Scans"folder even though HP Sends them to the destination folder.

HP Released a patch to fix the Disappearing And Missing Scans Issues, you can Download the HP Missing Scan Patch Here. As per HP the fix resolves the following scenario.

File Name : CPEScanPatch_hpcom_000_001.exe
When scanning with HP Solution Center, you can scan a photo or a document, but HP Solution Center does not save the scan to your designated folder. The Scan button on the product’s control panel might not operate correctly. This issue occurs in Windows 7, or when using a version 13 print driver in Windows XP or Vista.

The cause of the issue seems to be "When installing or upgrading to HP Solution Center version 13, files do not install correctly" . This scenario is also seen after upgrading to windows 7 from windows vista operating system.

Hope you apply the patch to get every thing back on track.Check recent post about the HP Solution Center Issue After Upgrading To Windows 7 if you are in need of that. Discuss more about the issue here or question through General Help Form for any other issues.

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