Sony Ericsson And Sony Service Centers Getting Worse

This is out of my recent experience with Sony Ericsson Service center. I truly accept that Sony Ericsson mobiles got a unique design and technology, but when it comes to offering service to their customers its one of the worst i had ever experienced in the recent times.

I feel that Sony is more concentrating on increasing the sales but not to the customer satisfaction, the reason i feel the drop in the Sony Ericsson mobiles sales last quarter was just because of their stupid and Don't care support strategies.

The fact is that Sony and Co is deploying the local non certified technicians for servicing their products, it might be mobiles or consumer products. I feel it is true in my case and i see million complaints online. I doubt Sony Ericsson mobiles are programmed internally to work only for the warranty period.

When i walked into one of the service centers to get my phone repaired, they said that the phone is dead and cannot be repaired(shocked), I don't understand why these stupid people manufacture the phones if they do not know how to get the phone repaired and make customer satisfy.

Moreover, I was shocked by the words from other Sony Ericsson service center agent, Here he go, I am sorry, your phone was mishandled by a poor previous technician who doesn't know how to assemble and disassemble the Phone and i see that almost all the original factory parts have been replaced with the non functioning parts.

Now I turn my mind not to buy the Sony Ericsson mobile again and will not recommend to any one just because of the way they are dealing with customers and unsatisfactory worst customer service and hopeless customer satisfaction. So readers, go for a thorough review of Sony Ericsson mobile if you still wish to buy this Stupid Sony Mobiles, there are thousand alternatives which are far betters than this.

I finally feel Sony Ericsson Mobiles will just work for warranty period and they suck!! Share your worst experience through below comments Section.


  1. completely lost faith in SE and I will never and ever believe sony ericsson again, these SE phones only work for a warranty period..its true.Sony Ericsson= Fraud+Cheating

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  3. I couldn't agree more. I just wish they go Bankrupt. I would be really happy if that happens.

  4. I'd been a Sony Ericson user for the past 5 years and I never had any problem using that phone with me as far as I'd been using it until I accidentally lost it myself. But I've got a new trusted brand now, SE really doesn't work that much better.