Japanese Car Manufacturers Are Known For Their Reliability

Japanese car Manufacturers and their cars are more reliable this proves to be very true .Nissan India Issued a Circular To Replace Suspension Struts and Brake Liners for All Micra's manufactured before November 2010 this is of course free of cost and will be replaced under warranty. There were reports by customers to Nissan about the New Micra's Suspension Noise and Braking Noise, though the suspension noise prevailed in all the manufacturing cars. Nissan, listened to customers very strongly and acted to customers satisfaction.

Nissan Immediately took the above two concerns as high priority and released a circular to replace them under warranty, this definitely shows Japanese Car makers Reliability and sends very strong signals about their Customer Care and Customer Satisfaction.

Japanese Cars Are Most Reliable

To Give spotlight on New Nissan Micra, The petrol version of Micra is Exceeding the Expectations in terms of fuel efficiency, the top rated fuel efficiency of Micra Petrol is heard to be 26 KMPL, keep staring at the below captured FE of Micra.

Inaddition, Nissan Micra Has registered the sales figures with 2060 units in March 2011 as against 2030 nos. sold in February 2011.

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  1. This Japanese cars really has it all. And I think that’s one of the characteristic on why there are a lot of people that wanted this vehicle.