Firefox 12 Fixes Javascript And Missing Google Ads Issue

Firefox Update 12 Fixed Javascript BlocksAnd Missing Google Ads Issue, yes its true! Recently, I encountered an Issue with the Missing Poll on My Blog Named You Like? (check bottom Right of the sidebar), after My Blog page gets loaded completely and fully, the Poll Section use to Disappear and also the Google ad at the bottom of the post after the comments section.And some times the comments box at the bottom used to get disappeared, I finally felt, its something to do with Firefox or browser settings on my PC.

The Poll was appearing fine on Google Chrome and also in Internet Explorer, there we absolutely no issues with the ads too in IE7, IE8, IE9 and Chrome.checkout the Below Screenshots on How Firefox 12 Fixed Few Java Script blocks Ads after page loads.

Before Firefox Update12

After Updating To Firefox Version 12

Even after updating to Firefox 12,  my subscription block at the top was displaying fine. I recommend Updating to Firefox 12 to get the missing Java Blocks issue and Google Ads Disappearing issue .Follow the Below steps, to get the Firefox updated to 12.

  • Open Firefox
  • Click Help
  • Click About Firefox
  • Firefox Automatically Checks and Download the Updates
  • Click Apply Once Download is completed (7.1 Mb Update)

Hope, you will get the issue fixed at your end too.Getting Updated is Always better!
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  1. I can't see ads on firefox, IE, or even Chrome for my win 7. But they work fine on my mac! Any ideas?

  2. I can't see ads on firefox, IE, or even Chrome for my win 7. But they work fine on my mac! Any ideas?

  3. Well. It would seem that Firefox has failed to rectify this issue with the release of Firefox 13 as well.

    I tried your solution and found my installation of Firefox is completely up to date but my Adsense adds are not showing.

  4. In firefox when on the problem page:
    Select: Tools --> Adblock Plus
    Left click: Disable on [Whatever the page name is]

    The ads will then come back.
    I had the same problem on "" (gmail) and this fixed it.

    Keith Elias

  5. I doubt it if this problem is fixed because I still observe failing ads on Mozilla firefox. Can you please confirm (


  6. Had this problem on my blog too. If I went into IE, I saw the ads, but not on Firefox. Have the latest version of Firefox. So disabled AdBloc and then I was able to see the empty spaces where the ads were supposed to be, and then hubby said there might be other ad-ons that he had on computer blocking AdSense. He was right, and so after disabling Ghostery and DNTM, all is fine on my blog. So thanks to this conversation, it kick-started my solution. Thanks everyone!

  7. i dont know why but i have new PC with windows 10 and FF does not show adsense on any of my blogs works fine on old lap top windows 7 ....... guess i need to get older version of Fire fox i tried every way with new FF to get my ads to show no go

  8. Old Thread I know - but I found this problem was caused in Firefox simply by having "Never Remember History" set. As soon as I turned on "remember history" everything reappeared as described here:

    The same issue was affecting the visibility of the facebook page like counter on various posts.