Will Curiosity Land on Mars Safely? A User Poll

My anxiety is near peak, as the NASA's most advanced Rover called Curiosity is nearing the MARS for a successful landing.To Give You more information on What exactly is the curiosity, you can visit the NASA Mars Website to learn more about it.If everything goes well, Curiosity is going to Land on Mars on at 10.31 PM Pacific Time and 10.31 ET Time which would be 11:01:00 a.m. Monday August 6, 2012 Indian Time.

The following is the pictorial diagram of how the Curiosity Rover Will land on Mars and Its named as seven minutes of  Terror.NASA is confident of the Landing of curiosity but cannot guarantee the Landing.As said 
by NASA  

“The Curiosity landing is the hardest NASA mission ever attempted in the history of robotic planetary exploration,” said John Grunsfeld, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “While the challenge is great, the team’s skill and determination give me high confidence in a successful landing.”

As I write this post Curiosity is 15 Days 15 Hours 36 Mins 54 Secs away to Land on Mars. Now lets viewers opinion on curiosity Landing O Mars. Would you think the Curiosity Rover Will successfully Land On Mars? Take the Opinion Poll located at the right side of this Post.

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As per my Predication, It is 50-50 for curiosity to Land on Mars! I wish all the success to NASA Team!

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