Aliexpress A Bad Buyer Protection Experience

This is my review on Shopping at AliExpress, I bought few mobile spares from Aliexpress through a reputed HongKong Seller listed in alibaba/aliexpress, after placing an order and almost a two months wait,to my Surprise, I never received the product to my shipping address, the seller was not even responding to e-mails and pings through trade manager.

At this point i though of contacting Ali Express and raise a Dispute of My Order and i did so,
When i initially raised a dispute, i though someone from AliExpress customer support/buyer protection team would contact within two working days,dispute was opened on April 16

    Dispute escalated  

    The dispute has been escalated. Your dispute will be submitted to our Case Management Team. We will contact you at the complaint center within 2 calendar days.
    Please sign in to the complaint center to view more details about your dispute, and follow the dispute process.
    Learn more about dispute policy

It has been almost a month the dispute has been escalated, there is no response from AliExpress Buyer protection and i strongly believe that there would be no help from Aliexpress, as i see lots of bad buying experience with AliExpress and Alibaba

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In-addition, AliBaba Trade manager instant chat messenger is a spy program which takes lots of personal information from your PC, beware not to install the alibaba trade manager at any cost.Check out the forums of AliExpress before even thinking of shopping at Aliexpress, I name Aliexpress as something a Scam-express, which suits best for Scams and Fraud encouragement of the Chinese sellers.

So Readers, this post is to alert about Aliexpress and its fraud buyer protection system.Look out for other alternate options online excluding Aliexpress, i prefer ebay with high seller feedback score.

HP Answers


  1. I am sorry that you have had a problem with a supplier on AliExpress as well as with our dispute resolution process.

    With that said, I’d still like to help.

    If your case has not been resolved and you feel that customer service has not been able to assist you, please send me an email at

    We can’t resolve 100% of customer issues, but I promise that we will try.
    Mark Story
    Director, International Corporate Affairs
    Alibaba Group

  2. Mark,

    Thank you for your visit to the blog, i would still like to have this issue resolved.
    can you help on that?


  3. AliExpress "Buyer Protection" is CODE for Scam Seller Protection!

    No matter what the policies say on the listing or on AliExpress the seller with always be shown favor, given long extensions to respond beyond policy deadlines, and even given the benefit of the doubt without valid or complete tracking numbers. I have shopped on AliExpress for years now and whenever I have a problem AliExpress never resolves it fairly or according to their Buyer Protection Policies.

    What would the whole world be like if you could keep most of people's money and send them items they didn't order, at low or no shipping costs because of international shipping policies that favor exports from your country? You could pretend to sell them something expensive then send something worthless or broken instead but still make a great profit. What if you could "prove" you shipped items buy using fake tracking websites or basic tracking that only shows a package was shipped to the buyer's country without showing it actually went to the buyer? You could send a gift to your family members or other customer that live in the same country as the buyer and just use the same tracking number as "proof" since AliExpress doesn't care to see if an item got to the actual buyer's address/city

    This is AliExpress. Sometimes you will come out ok if the seller is HONEST but if they aren't, which MANY aren't. AliExpress will be of NO HELP to you. Buy with a good credit card only because they will be your only TRUE buyer protection. But here is the NAIL IN THE COFFIN, if you have to involve your credit card company AliExpress with "FREEZE" the order and BLOCK YOU FROM LEAVING THE SELLER NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! So be aware that all negative feedback from people who fought against fraud, is blocked from AliExpress and feedback shown gives the ILLUSION that it is safer than it truly is. They also wipe away negative feedback that was left too! It's really scam seller oriented!

    If you have a negative experience leave feedback else where on the web. People will find it eventually.

    1. Perfectly Said! A Worst Experience with aliexpress and even i stopped using it, instead, i am buying from Banggood