Resolve Fatal Error: MSI Destinations For HP Printers

Fatal Error: MSI destinations this is most typical error that you encounter while installing a HP Product on your PC, this error is observed for HP All-In-One Products during their installation phase.If this error is something related to Invalid Drive C:\ then you have a differently named drive other than C, where the HP Software is trying to locate the C drive for extracting and installation of the required files, if some thing that is not related to invalid drive, then you can try the below steps to resolve the issue.

  • Make sure you have the administrative rights to install the software,
  • Clear the Temp folder
  • In the Run Window, type %temp% and hit enter, this will bring the temp files of your profile, clean them up completely.
  • Strongly recommend to reboot your system and then run the HP Software and Driver Removal utility.
  • If you are not using any other hp products, try cleaning all the hp folders from the Program files and the Program Data Directory under C Drive

Logging as the administrator and try installing the software by downloading it from HP Support and Drivers Website, make sure you run the setup file from the location of the sub directory under your drive, Eg: put the downloaded file in C:\Personal\...exe and run this exe as administrator if you are using windows 7.

Discuss more about the issue here and follow the suggestions posted here by HP Experts

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