Where to Buy Mobile Touch Screen and LCD Replacement Parts

This post is all about where to buy the mobile touch screen and LCD replacement parts for a cheaper price for all the smart phones right from sony xperia to nexus, iphone, samsung and HTC. It is quite obvious that, the touch screen digitizers or the lcd screens of the mobiles will break out some day as we mishandle them.

The easiest and the most cheapest way to replace the touch screen digitizers and the lcd replacement parts is, through sourcing the parts from china.I recently broke my Tipo St21i touch screen digitizer as well as lcd, these two parts costing me almost the price of the mobile phone when i inquired in sony service center, so i decided to source these parts from china and desperately wanted to get this mobile working.

At this point i strongly feel that touch screen digitizers and lcd's can be replaced very easily as they have a connector plugins.

Now, where to get these mobile replacement parts sourced.?

The only one stop trading site is Alibaba and Aliexpress, visit these websites and search for your mobile replacement parts, you will find many number of suppliers who actually trade the replacment parts for the smartphones at cheaper prices. I visited this store in aliexpress to get the touchscreen digitizer for st21, where i got it for around 14$

The next question in your mind would be how about the shipping cost and reliability?

I first suggest to get in touch with the supplier of the store through the trade manager or web based trade manager  and then finalize the price and go for a free shipping either through Hong Kong Post or Free Shipping to India (World wide) Via China Post Air Mail.

As the LCD's and the Touch screen digitizers are light in weight and mostly the hong kong sellers are reliable sellers, this will be a hazzle free shopping at Alibaba or aliexpress, but do check the feedback score before making a purchase, its almost similar to ebay.

The delivery time is 15 days on normal working days and during festival season it may end up from 15-30 days, but its worth wait.

I got my tipo working in just 15$, where i had to spend almost 90$ at sony service center..Good Deal!
Give a try at Alibaba or Aliexpress

Discuss the touch screen digitizers and lcd replacement partsfor mobiles using the below comments section.

Update: Check This post before making a purchase

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