Insert Smileys Emoticons in Sony Xperia Messages

This post is all about how to insert smileys and emoticons in messages for Sony Xperia Smart Phones.I was wondering and in the same shoe as you, thinking about how to Insert Emoticons, Smileys in Messages in Sony Xperia Mobiles, Specifically Sony Tipo running ICS 4.0.4.

Inserting Smileys in Sony Xperia Mobile is not straight forward, just follow the below steps to insert the smileys in your messages SMS.
  • Tap on the Message Icon to Open the Message APP
  • You Will See the Qwerty Keyboard for you to enter the message
  • Touch and Hold the 121? with Smiley Icon Button to display the In-built smileys on your Sony Mobile.
  • Select the Smiley, you want to insert.

This will show the Smiley Emoticons in the message, check the below screen shot.In short, just touch and hold the 121? on your qwerty xperia keyboard

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