Get Mobile Battery Recharged With Damaged Charging Port

Never Worry if your phone USB/Connector port is damaged or if your phone doesn’t charged your battery. It’s quite common on today’s smart phones to have a broken, bent or damaged charging port / built in USB port.

The Micro USB/Charging port sometimes is integrated with the mother board of the mobile or it will be a replaceable part, but it completely depends on the make and model. When the charging port gets damaged if it is integrated with the mother board , you can’t do much about it. You would be lucky enough if your warranty is void, you have to shell 100+$ to get the motherboard replace just for a charging port, which I feel is worthless when you have the below option.

The one way to keep your mobile phone battery recharging is to get a universal battery charger which is easily available through the top online stores (ebay Amazon), Google it for Universal Mobile Battery Charger. The Price of this would  be between $2 to $10.

One example of integrated charging port is Sony Tipo, the port is integrated with mother board and you can just not replace the port itself, you need to change your board.

Discuss more about the micro usb charging ports and its design and the usability/durability through the below comments section.

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