How To Open Microsoft Office 2007 Files With Microsoft Office 2003

You might me wondering how to open/convert Microsoft office 2007 files with an earlier versions of Microsoft Office(Office 2003, Office 2002, Office 2000) then you are at the right place!!

Microsoft Office 2007 saves the files in different file formats , Below is the list of Microsoft Office 2007 File Formats and Extensions.

Microsoft Office Word 2007 Supported File Formats and File Extensions
  1. Word Document (.docx)
  2. Word Macro-enabled Document (.docm)
  3. Word Template (.dotx)
  4. Word Macro-enabled Document Template (.dotm)
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Supported File Formats and File Extensions
  1. Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
  2. Excel Macro-enabled Workbook (.xlsm)
  3. Excel Template (.xltx)
  4. Excel Macro-enabled Workbook Template (.xltm)
  5. Excel Binary Workbook (.xlsb)
  6. Excel Add-in (.xlam)
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Supported File Formats and File Extensions
  1. PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) [default]
  2. PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation (.pptm)
  3. PowerPoint Slide Show (.ppsx)
  4. PowerPoint Macro-enabled Slide Show (.ppsm)
  5. PowerPoint Template (.potx)
  6. PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation Template (.potm)
  7. PowerPoint Add-in (.ppam)
Inorder To open Convert Mirosoft Office Word 2007 (.docx),Mirosoft Office Excel 2007 (.xlsx) and the Mirosoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx) , you just need to download and install Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint File Formats

The Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility Pack Works with Office 2000, Office 2003 amd Office XP

After Installing the Microsoft Office 2007 Compatibility pack your can Open ,Edit, save files in Office 2003 file formats without installing the Microsoft Office 2007, honestly Office 2007 looks awesome and has the great features when compared to the earlier versions of office. I recommend Office 2007

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  1. Thanks for the information! wondering how to open the office 2007 files in office 2003.