Intel DG35EC Motherboard Bios 0117 ECG3510M.86A.0117

Update for Intel DG35Ec mother board users, Intel released new bios for DG35EC motherboard, Version 0117 (ECG3510M.86A.0117), if you are unsure about the current bios version of your board, here are the simple steps to know your Intel mother board bios version.

To identify your current BIOS version, just follow the below steps

1. During boot, enter the BIOS setup by pressing F2.
2. Check the Main menu.
3. The 4-digit number after the '86A' or ‘86I’ is the current BIOS version, as in this example:
4. Press Escape to exit BIOS Setup.

The Following are the fixes of DG35EC Bios Version 0117.
  • Implemented updates to improve security.
  • Added BIOS downgrade protection (prompt for password when updating BIOS if password set in Setup)
About how to download and update the latest bios(ECG3510M.86A.0117) for your Intel DG35EC board, follow the instruction and links below.

You can download the bios ECG3510M.86A.0117 Here , regarding how to update I use and recommend the easiest way to update the bios is to follow the Express Bios Update, its just a self extracting windows utility that makes your work simple.

Version: 0117 Date:7/31/2009 Size:2367 (KB)

You can try other downloads for your Intel DG35EC Mother Board Here, you can also check my previous post on how to change the bios splash screen "Change Bios Splash Screen With Intel Integrator Assistant"

Hope You always keep updated.

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